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With an user friendly web interface employees in sales/management can use it too! If you need authentication simply setup a reverse proxy.
We aim to always stay up to date with the latest elasticsearch version, bringing you the greatest performance and latest fixes!
Using the commandline mode in Excelastic you are able to automate tasks using your favorite scripting language.
XLS/XLSX import
CSV import
Web interface
Terminal import
JSONL import

Excelastic uses the REST-API with the high level REST client. This allows us to more quickly adapt to later versions. When importing we are using the batch indexing API to maximize throughput. If you need additional features like HTTPS and authentication we recommend that you setup a reverse proxy.


Start the application with,

java -jar excelastic.jar

This starts the server with the management website enabled. Its also possible to import straight from the command line.


Available on the docker hub, please find instructions there.

Please contact me if you have any questions, feedback, feature requests.. or anything else really.